Action Comics #23.1


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September 4, 2013
Action Comics 23.1 is a nice experience that doesn’t really tie-in to any Forever Evil events. Cyborg Superman’s creation may not have been executed perfectly, but the journey he goes on in this book is worth a read, as it parallels a being of cold and methodical destruction with a man who wanted nothing but to save those around him from destruction.
2 out of 5 stars
Aaron Kuder and Brown wrap the issue in a catchy cover that's actually enhanced by the lenticular effect on the more expensive 3-D edition of the issue. So while it looks good inside and out, it's nonetheless a disappointing issue that doesn't really try all that hard to improve on a character that didn't really need any tweaking in the first place.
4 out of 5 stars
I may have some objections to how Villain's Month is being handled, but that can easily be put aside as this issue stands fantastically on its own.
Grade: B-
The issue is not brilliant, but it is a solid comic and, by a long margin, the best of the three Villain’s Month issues I read this week. It could stand to back up its archetypes a little better, but there’s something of a Claremontian quality in the issue that makes it a pleasure to read.
If you like Supergirl, a definite buy. If you are curious about the new direction of Cyborg Superman, also a buy. If you are looking for Action Comics 23.1…not a buy. For all others, this issue contains a fairly self-contained story that cleanly delivers an entirely new origin for the titular villain while also looking at the other side of the El-tracks on the dying Krypton. So if that intrigues you at all, this issue is well worth a read.
Overall, this is a good villain focus. The fact that I abhor the idea of Zor-El as judge, jury and executioner of the so-called weak doesn't take away from that.