All-New X-Men #16


Comic series


Release date

September 4, 2013
Reuniting Bendis with Immonen on this title in the first place was an obvious and perfect choice by editorial, helping create an incredibly solid series. His art is expressive enough to feel genuine, but it’s dynamic in surprisingly surprising ways. Marte Garcia is wonderful, Grawbadger keeps everything well controlled with his solid inking, and Corey Petit makes inspired choices throughout. This is a pretty book, is what I’m getting at.
The action picks up in All New X-Men #16. The future X-Men contain a odd collection of members. An older, wrinklier Kitty Pryde. A gigantic, hulk like Iceman. An older, gnarlier Beast. A member of the Runaways, someone dressed like Xorn, and Charles Xavier's Grandson. And of course, Deadpool, whose newest mutant power seems to be appearing in an infinite number of comics per month. The first chapter is heavy on the action. The second is a series of long discussions featuring three generations of X-Men. It's as ludicrous and amusing as it sounds.
8.5 out of 10
I’m not shocked that I’m already loving an X-Men event. That’s normal, I can’t think of the last interbook X-Men event I didn’t love (Schism was a mini, doesn’t count). I am, however, shocked that I’ve read two Bendis event issues in a row and loved that. That has never, ever happened before.
4 out of 5 stars
Battle of the Atom hit readers with the first two issues this week, and they were both great. Readers will be wanting two issues every week if Bendis and Immonen keep the punches and cliffhangers rolling like they have so far, This is a series that every X-Men fan should be reading.
8 out of 10
The second chapter works a little slower and isn’t quite as groundbreaking. But with art like this, “X-Men: Battle of the Atom” is a great read and should be picked up by anyone who’s interested in any part of the X-Men franchise.
There may be a lot of time-travel in the Marvel Universe these days, but I think the X-Books are using it the best.
8.5 out of 10
Brian Bendis continues to weave an engaging tale with X-Men: Battle of the Atom in which you don’t know what direction it is headed. There are a lot of players at play in this event and All-New X-Men #16 does its best to push the characters forward. So far this latest X-Men event has been able to separate itself from other events going on by being a character driven story. This character driven story has actually made it a lot harder to predict what is going to happen next. There are a lot of questions for this story to answer that could end the story in multiple ways. With Brian Wood stepping up for the next chapter of X-Men: Battle of the Atom I am very excited to see where all of this is headed.
This book, where those X-Men come back from time to be like "YO! Time traveling f**** everything up… but don't mind us, we promise to not f*** that much up!" You got Deadpool, Kitty, Iceman, Beast, Xavier's grandson, some lady I'm not familiar with and someone in a Xorn suit. So while they're all figuring shit out, Jean decides to go AWOL and is all "Hey young Beast, we totes made out, wanna bail?" and he's all "nah." So Jean for her second choice and just gets Cyclops to bail with her… YEAH. Young Jean is the Britta of the X-Men right now… just screwing shit up. If you don't get the reference, go watch Community. But after that all goes down, f****** Xorn is also Jean, so where the hell did she come from? Was she the Jean who came from the past, and stayed through the present into the future these X-Men came from? Confused? So am I! Sort of. It's pretty crazy in a good way though. So far so good.
8 out of 10
Though it does contradict with All New X-Men’s seemingly open-ended and ongoing feel, through the story, Bendis does force the reader to realize that after sixteen issues, the Original X-Men have actually overstayed their welcome. He manages to enforce the urgency of the situation, both through the dialogue and the final reveal as well. But as “new reader friendly” as Marvel claims to be with their Marvel NOW! line, this crossover event might rub new readers the wrong way. Bendis manages to simplify the whole time travel aspect of the series through clever dialogue but the increasingly large cast of characters may overwhelm any casual readers.
2.5 out of 5 stars
This title throughout its run has benefitted from Bendis' style of storytelling, where his decompressed progression has allowed for a lot of exploration of the young X-Men's adapting to a strange, future world. That style works fine for an open-ended, ongoing series, but as part of a finite event with a presumed endpoint, Bendis needs to tighten things up, but it just doesn't happen. While "Battle of the Atom" remains an enticing idea, this issue's admittedly adequate but low-key chapter doesn't really do as much as it should to realize it.
Grade: B-
The second chapter of Battle of the Atom bring in some good ideas and some particularly excellent art and colorization, yet suffer when it comes to actual events and the pacing, which is really slow. A nice chapter, yet not a whole lot of things actually happen.
8 out of 10
This is a jam-packed comic where everyone gets a little time, despite there being dozens of important characters – another obvious criticism of “Age of Ultron.” Along the way, Stuart Immonen continues to make the book feel special by being the star quality artist that he is. ‘Battle of the Atom’ is crossover event comics done right.
This is going to get confusing. Lots of characters with different motivations, but also with room for a lot of development and fun. The art style in this book is as great as it always is, and while the plot is getting pretty intense, this is still the best X-book on the market right now, and a major event isn’t changing that, thus far.
9.5 out of 10
A great second chapter to a seemingly great crossover.
Battle of the Atom rolls on, and we haven’t even gotten past week one yet! The overall conflict hasn’t quite been established yet, but All-New X-Men goes a long way in setting up the major players and laying the foundations for a larger character-driven drama. The time travel might be a little confusing, but Bendis handles it with humor and care. Check it!
Stuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger's art is both intricate and effortless, telling the story in concise and beauteous fashion. (Double-page spreads are used throughout the issue to marvelous effect, using the widescreen canvas to give a sense of scale and import to even the quiet scenes.)
4 out of 5 stars
It's a new X-Men event but this is off to a tremendous start. Reading this story reminds me of that feeling when I was a kid and first started reading X-Men comics.
9 out of 10
While the main draw of "Battle of the Atom" is the mystery of the future X-Men — and there are some interesting beats here, particularly Charles Xavier's grandson and the new Xorn — ultimately the real hook of All-New X-Men #16 comes from the characters we've already known and loved. Who knows what lies ahead when a headstrong past and an ominous future go head-to-head? Sparks fly, the heartstrings pull, and two issues into this crossover, All-New X-Men shows no signs of letting up.