Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1




Release date

September 4, 2013
It wasn't so much the origin or the bawdy mannequin who gets wood so much you think the little bastard was actually ingesting Viagra that entranced me. Don't get me wrong, any killer killing a clown to get a dolly is aces in my book, but what I liked best was that Simone remembered there was a larger story going on than just the genesis of evil. The entire origin is told to a reporter hanging from the gallows of a dressing room. The Ventriloquist is getting ready to take the stage and perform her death non-defying act to anyone stupid enough to enter her theater of lights and food during this FOREVER EVIL crisis.
5 out of 10
I don’t like this villain at all, but she does have a unique motivation and the artwork is quite spooky. If you wanted to know more of Shauna the Ventriloquist’s story and actually liked that character the first time around then you won’t be disappointed by this. But if you miss Arnold Wesker then this is just going to give you a migraine. So I’ll give it a lukewarm 5. It’s not for me because I’m a steak and potatoes sort of Batman fan but it’s not a poorly put-together book.
3.5 out of 5 stars
Gail Simone and Derlis Santacruz perform a bit of heavy lifting in "Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1: The Ventriloquist." For people who haven't read the character's debut in "Batgirl," they need to introduce the character. For those who are reading "Batgirl," they still need to keep the book interesting. Last but not least, they're tying it into the events of "Forever Evil" with Gotham City plunged into a blackout and the world fearing that the Justice League is dead. With all that in mind, I need to give them props in turning out a comic that hits all three of those points.