Eternal Warrior #1



Comic series


Release date

September 11, 2013
In some ways, the set-up for this book is similar to the concept for Valiant's flagship title, X-O MANOWAR. Both titles feature ferocious, ancient warriors now transplanted to the present day to continue fighting their wars. The concepts have one big difference, however, which should establish Gilad as the flip side of Aric: Gilad lived through the intervening 6000 years and adapted (somewhat) with the changing world, but Aric slept through those years, which makes him basically the same barbarian today that he was thousands of years ago. That difference should make for an interesting clash of philosophies when the two characters inevitably meet. Gilad also reminds me of the best parts of Wolverine: an immortal warrior with a berserker rage who is perfectly suited to killing, but longs for peace and quiet. Let's just hope Gilad doesn't start showing up in every other Valiant comic
2 out of 5
What makes this book completely unbearable for me is the art. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between men and woman if it weren’t for breast. The character designs are just awful and the Eternal Warrior seems like a throw away piece from any Cave man book.
Valiant has done a good job of slowly building up their universe, which has given us quality books. They could put out a silent monthly book about a slug and I’d still most likely check it out.
4 out of 10
I really enjoyed this issue. I like the concept, and Greg Pak brings the action in a way that recalls his time spent writing The Incredible Hulk all those years ago.
7 out of 10
The artwork is not the best we’ve seen from Hairsine, but shows promise for the action heavy aspects of this book going forward. This is a solid debut for a series I will be following to see where Pak takes us next.
9 out 10
Under the direction of Pak and Hairsine, I suspect you'll be with us for a very, very long time.
4 out of 5
I have to say, that while I was never a fan of the original Valiant title back in the 90s, I really enjoyed Eternal Warrior #1, and for the first time ever, am quite happy to cross swords with a barbarian book on the regular.
2 out of 5 stars
The dynamic within the Eternal Warrior family holds some interesting possibilities for the future. Given Pak and Harsine are doing a bit of world building their conflict will be exciting to see unfold. This first issue was definitely a good start, but its lasting impact was lacking. A well defined world and characters may have been established, and a core conflict alluded to, beyond those details the read was hollow.
7 out of 10
On one hand I enjoyed it and on the other I wasn’t sold. I am interested to see where the book goes and really dug the art but the story was just kind of alright. I think there is enough here to build off but this single issue did not sell me on the need to buy every issue of this series.
8 out of 10
It wasn’t spectacular, but it was a rock solid introduction to a new series and a new character – for some – that features some amazing action and an engaging ending. Pak and Hairsine are a hell of a team, and I’m looking forward to what they’re going to do on this book.
9.1 out of 10 (Amazing)
Eternal Warrior has never been my favorite Valiant character, but this issue does a hell of a job of building a compelling world and giving you a hero to care about. Make room on your pull list, folks. Valiant has done it again.
3.5 out of 5 stars
The publisher's dedication will be the ultimate test for "Eternal Warrior." It has a bit of a rocky start, but it shows a lot of promise. I'm a big fan of Greg Pak, and like everybody else I really want to see him teaming up with Fred Van Lente again now that they're both playing in the Valiant Universe. This book could be awesome, depending on whether it can get over its first-issue awkwardness and give itself the room it needs to really explore the inner life of its title character. And more Trevor Hairsine art of him chopping off people's arms.
5 out of 5 stars
Despite being 23 pages long, this issue felt like a super quick read and that just goes to show how thoroughly entertaining and gripping it is.
10 out of 10
This comic is gorgeous. Although I've never heard of Trevor Hairsine before reading this issue, he's on my radar now. His battle scenes are dynamic while his characters are both expressive and engaging. And Greg Pak's script is something right out of Robert E. Howard. What I like about it though is it is original in its approach and yet feels inspired by the father of swords and sorcery without being at all derivative.
You don't need to know a darn thing about the rest of the Valiant Universe to jump into Eternal Warrior #1, and this is as new reader friendly as it gets. Give it a shot and show your friends that there's more to superhero comics than just capes!