G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files #6




Release date

September 4, 2013
While I wasn't overly impressed by Werther Dell'edra's art in the previous issue, he does a solid enough job here and it definitely blends in well with the look established by regular artist Antonio Fuso. But for me, it's the writing that makes The Cobra Files and this issue is no exception, with Mike Costa continuing the fantastic slow-build towards the next story arc, which has been simmering away in the background from the very first issue. My expectations for 'The House Always Wins' are high and I can't wait to see how this storyline plays out.
3.5 out of 5
To be honest, I’ve never been that big a fan of Flint who I’ve always seen as a blander Duke. This issue does a good job in fleshing out and selling the character as the man willing to take the job that needs to be done.
2.5 out of 5 stars
When it comes down to it, part of me wants to like this issue. Cobra Files has shown much promise of late and this unfortunately doesn’t meet the high bar it set itself previously.