God is Dead #1



Comic series


Release date

September 4, 2013
Overall, I don’t think this is Hickman’s best work, but it’s definitely not bad. The mix of Hickman and Costa may be the reason for this slight lack of quality, but again, it’s not awful in the least. The story idea itself is super cool and I think the writing may pick up in the future issues. The artwork is excellent from Amorim and GOD IS DEAD has the potential for a lot of growth as an idea. This is a book definitely worth checking out if you have the extra four bucks to spend. I enjoyed it and think future issues will definitely be worth the first step on this story’s journey.
4 out of 5 stars
Although the story doesn’t appear particularly deep at this point, there is certainly a sense of the epic throughout the pages of God is Dead. The plot is fantastically interesting and different, and there is a ton of potential for something really special with this book.
1 out of 5 stars
Unfortunately, the selection of gods and Hickman and Costa's delegation of leadership feels arbitrary. "God is Dead" falls flat in living up to the ambition of its themes, or else it's not trying to achieve any commentary on power and religion. There may be stronger mechanics and a more thoughtful treatment of ideas in future issues, but as a debut, "God is Dead" #1 feels crude.
3 out of 5
What we appear to have, so far, though, is… well, a story of the lives, conflicts, and deaths of some fantastically colorful godlike beings.
Grade: B
Overall, there is a lot of potential in the concept. This first issue just establishes the overall scenario, so I really have no idea (yet) whether this will be an edgy comic of just something that is derivative of a Big 2 superhero work that uses gods as bad guys (since they’re in the public domain). It may turn out to be nothing, but at least the potential for boldness is present.
3 out of 10
Not only is it a disappointment considering Hickman’s current work at other publishers, it’s a disappointment that they charged $3.99 for this. The issue feels almost half finished with how little content there is to work with here. There are no interesting characters present because the half dozen human characters that do appear feel little more than cardboard cutouts. Not only is there no sense of Hickman’s characteristic writing that brings out fully realised characters in a few lines of dialogue, there’s no sense of any character whatsoever.