Green Lantern #23.1



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September 4, 2013
4 out of 5
Your interest in the cosmic history of the Green Lanterns will greatly shape your opinion of this issue. For me it provided a needed piece to the greater puzzle of Lights Out and I really enjoyed it. Somewhere in my imagination I could picture Ganthet secretly depositing this much guarded and banned section of The Book of Oa in my pull list at my local comic shop. I hope this isn't the last that we see of Relic's universe and I'm looking forward to Venditti hopefully expanding that history somewhere down the road.
7 out of 10
o, while this isn’t the A++ example of what the Green Lantern books have been recently, I’d recommend you read it so you can jump in with issue 24.
3 out of 5 stars
If Green Lantern mythos is the name of your game then there is something in this book for you. If the only reason for purchasing it is because it leads into the Lights Out crossover than you need not worry. Green Lantern 23.1 is an average origin of what hopefully won’t become an average villain.
This was a strange issue for one main reason, and that's the fact that I sort of already read a bulk of this issue. If you've been paying attention, all the Green Lantern books have been getting Rags Morales variants recently, and they've been telling Relic's origin, only here, we get all the pages inked and colored. To be fair, not all the pages were released as variants, so some gaps were filled, but still… sort of a strange practice. Anyways, we find out why Relic is against the use of the light, and that is because the emotional spectrum is not infinite, it is the essence of life, and once depleted, the universe will die, like his. What impresses me, is how seamlessly this fits into the continuity that has already been set up with the emotional spectrum. This adds great amounts of depth to the concept, without stepping on the toes of what came before. Rob Venditti was definitely the right choice to take on the Green Lantern franchise, he's killing it (in a good way) so far.
2.5 out of 5 stars
"Green Lantern" #23.1 sets the stage for next month's "Lights Out" crossover, so it achieves its goal. I just wish that it could have done so in a slightly more dramatic, or even attention-grabbing way. Something with some actual interaction could have done the trick; this lecture just doesn't quite hit the mark.
Grade: D-
Limited word count, panel count, and plot progression weigh heavy on this issue and, though it’s not a bad comic, I just can’t recommend it. I’m afraid that this would have been better as the first third of a much stronger comic.
5 out of 10
Vendetti is trying to create a rich character history in the span of twenty-two pages so he’s limited by space, but the end result is not effective and Relic is nowhere near as engaging as some of the other Green Lantern villains.
I've tuned out from the Green Lantern books a bit since Geoff Johns left, despite solid writing - mainly because it felt like they were treading the same "emotional spectrum" water. This seems like the first step towards something new and - hopefully - interesting.