Halo: Initiation #2




Release date

September 11, 2013
Reed's writing is appropriate for the story. He's not exactly crafting a story that thrives on its content however; instead, it relies primarily on the property itself. Halo fans will find a lot to love about the book, but it's still accessible to others thanks to Reed's deft handling of the dialogue. There's a particularly satisfying one-page description of what physically happens when a Spartan is created, which is a nice tribute to fans of the game. Other than that, there's really not a lot as far as story goes that hasn't really been seen before in other military science fiction tales.
4 out of 5
Don’t let this video game tie-in scare you off because it’s worth the read.
6 out of 10
Looking back on this issue, the story wasn’t awful, it was just the storytelling. Brian Reed, the author, took way too many pages to say way too little. It might be the fault of the artist for not paneling it correctly, but I doubt it.