Hit List #1




Comic series

Release date

September 11, 2013
Hit List #1 is something not entirely in Zenescope's wheelhouse. Having said that, the issue is kicking off what is clearly an ambitious endeavor by the publisher. It's a strong first issue, giving proper introductions to the characters and the world they live in. What it doesn't do is tell the reader where the animosity towards the Bishops come from, but that just means you'll have to keep reading to find out. You won't find Sela or any of the other Grimm Fairy Tales here and that just reasserts the book's grounding in reality and grittiness.
3 out of 5
The story is good, the art is good, and despite what I felt were a few wasted pages I’m definitely intrigued to see the story and the characters unravel further in next month’s issue.
7.5 out of 10
It’s not quality stuff but it’s kind of fun and entertaining.