Hoax Hunters #10



Comic series


Release date

September 4, 2013
So fans can rejoice that the series is back, and arguably better than ever, while those who’ve never given this title a chance have a great opportunity to jump aboard. Jack, Ken, Regan, and Murder (an astronaut suit full of crows…you should definitely read this series for Murder if for no other reason) are quickly becoming one of my favorite teams in all of comics, and HOAX HUNTERS #10 is a perfect example of why.
If you were ever on the fence about whether this book was horror or not these pages should answer that question nicely. This is some beautifully disturbing stuff. If you haven’t gotten a taste of this series yet this is the perfect time to dig in.
2 out of 5 stars
Like I said, this issue is somewhere between execution and unrealized potential. I still have hopes for Hoax Hunters, but this issue isn’t the proof.
4 out of 5
Newcomers will be able to jump right in with the latest mystery of “Hoax Hunters” 10. Though the tone is darker than previous issues, the characters continue to be as engaging as ever. For regular followers, the “Hoax Hunters” series continues to be a great read.
Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley are joined by Tristan Jones on art duties. The new direction on art is satisfyingly dark. Tristan's line work and colors help to carry and amplify the theme of the book. Our main cast looks great in their new line work and the new characters introduced are just completely owned by T-Rex. He is off to a great start and I really enjoy the new energy he is bringing to the book.