Prophet #39


Comic series


Release date

September 11, 2013
The story keeps leaping forward like a dying mind hurriedly composing its last, grand flashback. It shows the process of Diehard becoming a superhero, eventually replacing his entire body with technology. He travels many worlds. He raises multiple families, and outlives them. He fights numerous wars. Like all of Prophet, it ain't easy to follow. But the consistent tone and mood appeals to something deeper, something a tad trickier to understand.
4 out of 5 stars
It's fashionable nowadays to wrap a story arc with a palate cleanser character study. Where Graham and Roy break from tradition (?) is to show Diehard's life in montage, a life of war, but also full of families, children and brothers-in-arms. Graham makes Prophet more than its reductive descriptor, 'Conan in space,' by letting the sci-fi fly and allowing creators to create. Prophet #39 goes the does likewise for the 'old robot.'
I loved this issue, and especially enjoyed the reproduction of Graham’s script, which is the most visual one you’ll ever see.
The story is touching but it is the incredible amount of art talent that makes this issue unforgettable. As each phase of Diehard's life passes by a different artist takes the reigns and lets us experience that new chapter.
9.2 out of 10
Every creative choice that Graham has made, whether with the art or the writing, has made “Prophet” the award-worthy comic that it’s known to be today. It is also a testimonial for letting creative people do their thing and trusting their instincts. If more modern comics followed the “Prophet” model for re-appropriating unrefined ideas, we’d have a lot more great comics to read.