Satellite Sam #3



Comic series


Release date

September 4, 2013
4.5 out of 5 stars
It's a hard sell, although it shouldn't be. A black-and-white comic with risque themes and content aimed at adults published outside of Big Two should be the biggest thing poppin', but the important thing is that for those of us who read it, it's what we wanted and hoped and more. Satellite Sam shimmies and pops off the page with all the danger and the excitement of the live TV (and the shitty signal to match) it emulates.
Man, this is a weird book. There are parts of it I really like, and other parts where I just really am not invested yet.
When I first read about this series, I saw Fraction and Chaykin, read through the premise and thought "yeah, this is probably going to be pretty smutty!" But the first two issues were honestly a bit tame, compared to my expectations… but #3 brings the smut! Evangelical stars with promiscuous pasts! TV execs having… oral conversations with another exec's wife. Yeah! Smut! But in all honesty, this is a pretty great book. I love the setting, and just generally have an interest in the history of early television, so setting this sort of guilty pleasure story with that backdrop really does a lot to get me hooked.
4 out of 5 stars
Matt Fraction pens the script and it’s through his razor sharp wit that this title slowly but surely grows into its final form. Evolution is apparent as soon as readers crack open that first proverbial page, and despite a hefty amount of subterfuge that feels rather irrelevant I found myself enthralled. I think the reason behind that is quite simple: the dialogue is just too strong. I gazed upon characterizations that are up to task but it was the author’s innate ability to enter uncomfortable beats of revelations with a strikingly steady hand that sold me on the conclusion.