Star Wars #9




Comic series


Release date

September 11, 2013
5 out of 5
Like last month, the book does a brilliant ebb and flow from one storyline to the other.
Overall, I liked the Leia stuff and the Vader stuff, felt kinda meh on the Coruscant action, and was ok with the scenes around the Devastator - having Prithi starting to run low on life support adds more tension to their mission, and having Ben chime in is useful for explaining how Luke, still a novice with a lightsaber, is able to hold off a squad of troopers.
9 out of 10
The art continues to remain consistent and engaging even during the quieter moments of the story, all of which combine to tell an equally engaging story.
9 out of 10
What a surprise this issue was, particularly because I fell out of love with the series. I adored the first three issues, but it slowly lost touch with me. This issue brings some tantalizing character dynamics to the forefront, but also teases us with some rather interesting reveals as well.