Superman #23.2




Comic series


Release date

September 11, 2013
BRAINIAC didn't get enough attention during ACTION, in my humble opinion, and it's nice to see this old staple truly unleashed at the inception of his evil. Oh, and don't judge a book's art by its cover: Brainiac looks nothing like a black fun house slide in the actual issue, nor is Superman even present.
Unfortunately the worst thing about the book is the 3D cover. With so many amazing artists and talent lending themselves to the covers of Villains Month from DC, this one just seemed to fall flat for me. It seemed more likely to be found on one of the WB Kids books. If you can see past the cover, the interior is well worth it.
3 out of 5 stars
As week two of villains month winds down it seems like the stories are getting better. This issue was good at tying up loose ends in the current storyline for the series, and was reader friendly too. If DC keeps them coming like this, this September event will be a memorable one.
9 out of 10 (Amazing)
By all rights, a story predicated on humanizing the most inhuman of Superman villains, Brainiac, should be a colossal failure. Instead, Superman #23.2 manages to pull it off. Tony Bedard and Pascal Alixe's revamped Brainiac origin proves to be one of the strongest Villains Month issues so far.
2.5 out of 5 stars
While the story doesn't succeed at its overall intent, there are some commendable elements. The invaders that threaten Brainiac's world and many others tie into another of Superman's best-known foes, and while it's threadbare logic that binds them it's nonetheless an interesting idea that's worthy of developing. And while this story is yet another "Villains Month" origin story involving a dysfunctional family, at least the focus this time is on the parent rather than the child. Overall, though, the most commendable element of this issue is Alixe's finely detailed and realistic art, the beauty of which is apparent from the very first page, which diversely showcases three very different worlds in the throes of Brainiac's grip.
Brainiac #1 is a superior Villains Month entry, shining new light on an adversary with narrative and artistic style. I'd say it's worth preserving.