The Flash #23.1



Comic series


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September 4, 2013
"Man, that's one angry monkey," was my main thought coming out of this issue centered around Grodd, because that's essentially what he is, an big stinking angry ape. Here all the intelligent Gorillas are being all peaceful, then Forever Evil happens, I guess the Crime Syndicate frees Grodd, and he comes back to take over Central City, because, say it with me, he's a big stinking angry ape. That's pretty much the gist of it all, but for however simple the plot was, I thought it was an entertaining enough issue, and apparently it's ending of Grodd getting bored and wanting more, will tie into the Rogues' Forever Evil mini series, which I plan to pick up.
3.5 out of 5 stars
I'm not a fan of gimmicks for gimmicks sake, which is what Villains Month feels like to me, but there are characters and creators that have a chance to revel readers this month. Grodd, being a gorilla, had an advantage coming in. Buccellato and Batista seize that advantage nicely; leaving me still hopeful that someday DC will wise up enough to grace comic book history with a Gorilla City series, mini or otherwise. While I'm not keen on not having a complete story in this issue, there is enough here to make the issue worth a read. Grodd's adventures continue elsewhere. I just hope the next chapter in his escapades is as well executed as this one.
Best bit: I mean, you know. Flying psychic gorilla battle.