The Mocking Dead #1



Release date

September 4, 2013
The Mocking Dead #1 capitalizes on the success of that other comic about the dead walking and zombies in general. It offers readers a bit of a reprieve from all the levity that comes with those zombie works. Aaron is somewhat of a jerk character and Vanessa seems to be very much inspired by Jessica Biel's character in A-Team. Their pairing will likely lead to more entertaining scenarios as the story progresses. The end of the first issue doesn't really offer much in the way of pointing which direction the story will go next though, which hurts potential interest in continuing on. Still, the first issue is entertaining.
I had a great time with this book – good art, a funny storyline that kept my attention – I can’t wait for the next issue. Check this book out – it hit shelves last week, so your store may still have an issue or two in-house – and add it to your pull list.
4.5 out of 5
You may say we need another zombie comic like we need a hole in our head, but The Mocking Dead proves you really do need another zombie comic without making you do the whole hole in your head thing.
The art by Max Dunbar is fantastic as well. The characters have wonderfully expressive faces and there are plenty of little in-jokes and references to keep the nerd in all of us pouring over the art more than a few times. I personally loved the book Bunch was reading that advertised it was “The Comic That’s Only Variant Covers!” The zombies, even if they are your generic, run-of-the-mill type zombies, are still creepy with their vacant eyes and almost Joker-esque grins. I don’t know if the art is supposed to be similar to Tony Moore’s style from the first volume of The Walking Dead, but it’s definitely reminiscent of the art from the first arc of Robert Kirkman’s power house. Though I’m pretty sure Aikau Olivia’s coloring and grey overtones are purposefully aping the color scheme of The Walking Dead in tribute or parody, whichever you prefer.
5.9 out of 10
It’s barely a parody. Only tangentially does it connect to The Walking Dead. “The Mocking Dead” is, in fact, a really funny story with an original concept.
The Mocking Dead #1 is a decent start to a promising zombie story parody, with a ton of red meat for the real Romero fan – check the names of the members of Operation Tinseltown, and Van Lente even made the subtle nod to the history of the film Night of The Living Dead by making damn sure that his pastiche version had a copyright notice on the title card. There are some pretty funny lines, and the entire architecture around the human response to the zombie apocalypse is really some clever satire. And all of it showing that, even though this is a horror comedy, the zombies are a serious threat. And as a lifelong fan of not only zombie stories, but of Ghostbusters, Van Lente has laid down enough cards to indicate that, in the long term, we might be in for a treat.
4 out of 10
It is a poorly crafted, not very funny, parody filled with plot-holes and draws nothing from its namesake’s inspiration.