The Walking Dead #114



Release date

September 11, 2013
This month’s issue on a whole isn’t the best of The Walking Dead, but it continues the lore of TWD and those collectors out there will be more than happy to hand over their hard earned cash to complete their vast collection.
Here’s to hoping that the coming war manages to keep up the twists and turns mixed with gritty visuals that Kirkman and Adlard are now known for!
5 out of 5
Soon there will be war. Get psyched.
4 out of 5 stars
With this issue the stage is finally set for “All Out War.” Kirkman and Adlard pull off a solid final issue before the war gets started with some great character moments and some awesome tiger inflicted deaths. The series will no doubt ramp up the intensity starting next month so savor this quieter issue while you can.
Grade: C-
An issue that shows that the last few issues were nothing more than spinning the tires. It’s really patronizing when a comic does that after so many issues. Get on with it!
8 out of 10
Past Negan, this issue sets everything up for the “All Out War” arc and even has a good ol’ fashioned tiger mauling. Charlie Adlard crushes on the issue, as per usual, and we’re
I will admit that this issue isn't reader friendly if they jumped in now, however the title is so good I don't think its a huge concern due to high quality in writing & art. As the comic heads to another direction, I'm curious on a personal note where these characters are going in these upcoming issues. Can Rick and the gang survive? Who knows, but that's part of the excitement of finding out as Kirkland has many surprises up his sleeve.
8.5 out of 10 (Great)
For issue #114, the solicit merely reads "What would Jesus do?" An appropriate question given the events on display this month. Robert Kirkman pushes the mysterious, bearded rogue into the spotlight in the escalating war between Rick and Negan's forces. And he quickly emerges as the character to watch as the series moves into "All-Out War."