Twelve Reasons To Die #3



Release date

September 4, 2013
This story isn’t just a bunch of random shit happening willy-nilly. It crafted meticulously and smartly and really seems to be leading somewhere good. While I can fill in the gaps to piece together what I think is going to happen to Starks, I can’t wait to actually see it. 12 REASONS TO DIE is not an easy read, but it’s an entertaining one. Possibly better read in trade, but I’m enjoying it and following it pretty well by the single issue. The linking of music with horror and gangster genres is pretty seamless and the choices in artists prove that this is a book put together as stylistically well as it is written.
This book may kick like a shotgun and bleed like a head wound but there’s real talent behind the smoke and carnage. It’s fun! There I said it, I was trying to dress it up but it’s just a fun book to read. You’ve got smart writing, great art, Wu-Tang and all coming from one of the few comic book companies that aren’t actively talking down to you or treating you like a walking dollar sign, Black Mask Studios. With a constant revolving roster of all star artists contributing both covers and interiors and a totally reasonable $3.50 price tag you should get on board with 12 Reasons, unless you want to piss off Ghostface
Twelve Reasons To Die is a violent and gritty look at street level criminals that is a quite unpredictable and fun read. So if you haven’t done so I’d suggest starting at the first issue and giving Twelve Reasons To Die a look.
4.5 out of 5
“12 Reasons To Die” #3 should not be missed out by horror fans. Ghostface Killah and his crew use the horror genre to deliver a social commentary that will inspire talk and thought from its readers.